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Voter Communication

Email campaign news is an inexpensive way to stay in touch with your support base and to target your campaign message throughout the district.

Regualar emails can be sent to contributors, volunteers, and registered voters that have been targeted in your district.

With eCampaign News, you can create email newsletters, updates and announcements that get you immediate, measurable, tangible results.

Email Aquisition
The newsletter sign-up form allows users to be updated with information about your campaign in flash messages and/or regular newsletters.

This will continue to build from the very first day your Internet campaign appears on line. In addition, it forms a basis of communication between the candidate and your constituents.

The Email Newsletter Signup sends an email to your campaign office advising you that a visitor would like to be added to your newsletter email opt-in list.

The Email Newsletter Signup Pro creates and manages a database that you can access at any time.

Email Database Removal Automation
Some people do not wish to receive updates or newsletters any further, and we all respect that decision.

This necessary maintenance task can be both frustrating and generally time consuming.

With our technology, recipients of your newsletter or updates can easily remove themselves from any section, or all of your email lists, by choice, automatically.

Other features can be added to allow you to find out why they no longer wish to receive emails.

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