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User interactive

Keeping on-line users interested in your web site is a constant challenge.

User Interactive methods such as Take the Poll and Send an E-Card make your web site interesting to visit, interesting to return to and in addition, a great collector of constituent feedback.

Poll Easy Access
This allows any user, signed up or not, to give their opinion anonymously.

Keeping the poll infront of the user is important for easy access and is readily accessible through most pages with this simple module.

Take the Poll Flow Chart Version
The Flow Chart Version of Take the Poll not only develops a sense of how voters feel about the issues, it creates an opportunity for the candidate to comment directly to the voter on the issues.

This feature leads your voters through a series of issue polling questions, where the voter's answer to the preceding question dictates the poll's selection of the next question.


    If you review question 1, you can see that any answer would send the voter in another direction, leading them to another candidate statement once you captured them on the issue.

    No matter what direction the voter's answers take, the poll questions will lead the voter to an opportunity for the candiate to speak out on an issue of his or her campaign platform.
This fabulous polling feature enables the voter to align his / her thoughts directly with the candidate's, providing a clear choice for the voter regarding issues that the voter has defined as important through the polling process itself.

This feature, due to its individualized nature can not be updated in the Control Panel and must be customized by per campaign programming.

Add a Poll Question
A voter has the opportunity to submit a polling question to your site for consideration.

Voter participation builds strong connections to your site and assists in the identification of district issues of concern. As well, it gives the Candidate the opportunity to respond on the issue.

The E-Card Creator is an interesting, cost effective way to keep internet visitors interested and returning to your web site, as well as spreading the word about your Campaign.

The E-Cards are created by our team of designers. Each layout is professionally and tastefully created based on your specifications, complimenting your campaign graphic scheme.

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