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On-line Fund-Raising

At AmeriCanGOTV, we believe having on-line fund-raising is another crucial piece to your Internet presence.

The Fundraising Appeal page will inform your supporters of your specific needs and direct them as to how and where they can process their contributions to your campaign fundraising effort.

The Secure on-line Fundraising features of the AmeriCanGOTV WebSite, takes full advantage of the understanding that fundraising is in most cases driven by an impulse. For this reason, it is wise to offer a guaranteed secure online fundraising page, including total e-commerce solutions for campaigns.

Your campaign can accept contributions directly into your campaign account or sell campaign fundraising products.

There is no paperwork to complete, no merchant account required, no monthly fees, or hidden costs.

These donations and user information can be exported to a file and, in most cases, imported directly into your campaign financial reporting software.

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