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AmeriCanGOTV Optimized Feature Rich Websites

Special Features

We format web sites providing a simple, yet unique navigation system that is both flexible and expandable and easily locates your content for your surfers. Remember you have precious few seconds to catch their eye and hold their interest.

Map of Area
Makes your area information readily available and accessible by giving the surfer access to his or her neighborhood and enabling the growth of a real grass roots organization.

Join our team
Allow users to signup with a specific county chairperson, giving their name, address, phone and email address, enabling your field operations to build a grass roots organization.

By having this linked with Map of the Area Pro the campaign volunteer solicitation to link directly with the field operation through the Join Our Team page.

This automatically focuses and forwards the volunteer signup information directly to the field operation team leaders in the region that corresponds to home location of the volunteer.

Volunteering is generally an impulsive decision. This feature allows the appropriate field contact person to follow up on your visitor's impulse without delay.

Campaign Update
A scrolling information box allows the user to see the most current news, headlines, or upcoming event.

Selectable text sends the user directly to the information they need to know now.

Photo Gallery
As always, your pictures are worth 1000 words. Our presentation will only serve to enhance that story enabling your constituents to familiarize them with your campaign, personality, family life and what you represent.

Video Gallery
Video Gallery is one step further to getting your message across to your voters.

We can take video from many formats, and place this useful information at a users fingertips.

Our custom universal video player makes sure your message is sent without worrying about player or browser compatibility.  We also use a buffering system that allows browsers with slower internet connections to hear your message, clearly.

Easy Newsletter Signups
Create your own opt-in list by enabling and encouraging your visitors to enter their name and email so that they will receive newsletters, flash news updates, upcoming events and fundraising literature.

This will continue to build from the very first day your Internet campaign appears on line. In addition, it forms a basis of communication between the candidate and your constituents.

Tell a friend
Allows the user to get a chain of involvment with the click of a button by your visitors to sending the web page address or a related page of the site to internet friends and/or family members.

This enables you to increase your opt-in list effortlessly as one interested visitor involves several more, and so on.

Calendar of events - Standard
The Calendar of Events enables your web site visitors to see the candidates schedule and the schedule of campaign events at a glance, summarizing your Event, Title, Time, Location, and Description.

Keep voters informed of your upcoming events.

Calendar of Events Pro
The Calendar of Events Pro shows both the summary and details of each event categorized by month.

A monthly calendar is displayed, highlighting days to keep in mind in that month or for that matter, any month along the campaign trail.

Event details can be printed easily by your visitors.

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